Vermicell Horses 30 g
Vermicell Horses 30 g

Vermicell for horses 30g

Oral Paste-Broad Spectrum Vitamin Antiparasitic


Each 30g contain:

Praziquantel              900 mg

Ivermectin              120 mg

Albendazole                4,8 g

Vitamin B1              2 g

Vitamin B12            3 g

Excipient q.s.       30 g



Is a Broad Spectrum Vitamin Antiparasiticis a broad spectrum antiparasitic combination indicated in the treatment and control of parasitism in horses caused by cestodes, nematodes, lice, ticks, scabies mites, flies and their larvae, supplemented with vitamins B1 and B12.


Vermicell Horses 30 g